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Case Studies :: Lucy Chalcraft - Pure Belief

Lucy Chalcraft Business Card

When Lucy Chalcraft came to me to design a logo for the company she had started, she had very particular ideas that she wanted translated into print. Providing me with a photo of a brooch she had of a New Zealand Fantail Bird, she stated that this bird was very special to her and she wanted it integrated into a logo. She also mentioned that she wanted a Koru fern/frond as part of the "F" in her company name. Additionally, she had a color in mind for the logo which she showed to me in the form of a scarf that she favored.

Working with the photo of the brooch as a starting point, I worked in graphics software to recreate the Fantail Bird. I used a color chip book to match the color of her scarf and researched the Koru fern to get an idea of how I needed to combine the "F" in PureBelief with the Koru fern.

For Lucy's business cards, I copied the wing of the newly created Fantail Bird and used it to accent her phone number. The text for the company name was manipulated for balance and the logo was reversed in white and placed on a teal background on the back of the card for contrast. When Lucy had described what her company was about, I was able to create a descriptor that amply classified her business as a "whole life living resource". Accents of the teal from her scarf also appear on the front of the card in the Fantail Bird, the separate wing and a grounding bar at the bottom of the card. The result was exactly the vision that Lucy had for her logo and business cards.

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