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Case Studies :: Houston Care Manager

Lori Clark, founder/owner of Houston Care Manager, created a company to help elders and their families plan for the future, manage everyday care and gain support during crisis. She deeply cares for assuring elders get the assistance they need as they transition to a new stage of life.

Houston Care Manager Folder4

Lori wants to make sure that clients have the most comprehensive information available on the services they provide. We worked together to create unique collateral material consisting of a full color Presentation Folder, Brochures, a Business Card, a Welcome Letter and Stair-Stepped (also known as "stacked") inserts. In addition to providing segmented information on Houston Care Manager's services, the Stair-Stepped inserts have the added benefit of being able to be updated individually, rather than printing a multi-page booklet which would have to be completely reprinted if revised. In the long run, this amounts to considerable cost savings.

Another way Page by Page reduced costs was by separating the printing and using several wholesale vendors to provide print services resulting in a substantial cost reduction over utilizing only one vendor.

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