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A Door Hanger With A Little Something Extra

Door Hangers are excellent marketing tools for some businesses. They are a non-intrusive way to connect with neighbors. As long as you have someone willing to do the legwork, they can be a very productive way to get your name into the community.

GNA Inspections has a very positive reputation among current and former clients in addition to Realtors who refer their home buyers to GNA to conduct home inspections prior to purchasing a home. For a recent marketing program, GNA asked for help reaching neighbors within the community the owner resides. The community is fairly new and one service that GNA provides is an 11th Month Warranty Home Inspection which is designed to catch problems prior to the expiration of the builder’s warranty.

I suggested Door Hangers with a detachable business card. This way, if a Door Hanger was placed on the door of a home not quite ready for the 11th Month Warranty Inspection, the homeowner could tear off the business card and use it as the home nears the end of the builder warranty. Standard Door Hangers are also available but in this case, the Door Hanger with the detachable business card was the best option.

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