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Anatomy of a Business Card

Being a Graphic Designer has its advantages. I can change my business cards whenever I want. The flip side to this is that I have the most trouble designing for myself, hence, the eight designs shown here. This shows the front of the business cards only – the rest of the contact information is located on the back of the cards.

Design 1 was shortly after I started my business in January 2000 and kept the design for about 15 years. It was practical and had just a touch of a design element but it didn’t do a good job of reflecting my personality.

Design 2 was when I didn’t really know what I wanted and it shows. Enough said about this design. The idea that I liked, and later modified, was the frame I put around my logo. I printed the card on 20# white opaque plastic stock for durability.

Design 3 added an Avatar which I was later informed the designer would not allow it for commercial use. This card was also printed on 20# white opaque plastic stock.

Design 4 led me to commission an Avatar and, with the suggestion of several people, added a dog since I was doing volunteer Therapy Dog work at the time. I also added the dotted line across a black line which I’ve kept to this day. I made my name more prominent in a script font and printed again on 20# white opaque plastic stock.

Design 5 swapped the Avatar for flowers. I changed the frame around my logo to one that was more feminine and I put my phone number in circles, an idea that I’ve kept on each successive card.

Design 6 introduced the Avatar that I created for myself. I wanted an Avatar that resembled me, down to the pink glasses. I added a laptop (actually a scan of a photo of my actual laptop which was then colored pink)

Design 7 saw the Avatar take center stage while the logo was moved to the back of the card. I didn’t want an actual photo on my card but I do a lot of networking and wanted people to remember me. The Avatar has become a good ambassador for my brand! This card was printed from my premium line: double-thick 32pt Silk stock with embossing on the Avatar and Spot UV on the Avatar and the top and bottom bars. It also has hot pink colored edges to match my logo colors.

Design 8 saw small changes to the design, some of which were suggested by clients. I changed the script font for my name for easier readability and changed the design of the circles containing my phone number as one client expressed difficulty reading it. I printed on the same double-thick 32pt Silk stock but changed the embossing to Raised Spot UV which I also used for my first name and the circles with my phone number. I retained the hot pink colored edges.

And, yes, I’m already planning what I will do when it’s time to reprint!

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