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Case Studies :: Alexandra Leigh CrossBody Clutch

Bigger is Sometimes Better

When a client sells a product that is difficult to describe, a picture is the best form of illustration. In the case of Alexandra Leigh, her handmade CrossBody Clutches require an explanation beyond their name. The original business card design showed a photo of a woman wearing the CrossBody Clutch. The woman was prominent but the clutch, the real star of the show, was minuscule. The photo showed how to wear the clutch but did not demonstrate what it looks like when opened, nor did the photo show that many fabrics are available.

page by page cross body clutch

In order to focus on what the clutch is, a bi-fold business card was designed. A photo was used on the front of the card but inside the business card, various clutch designs are shown in both closed and opened positions. Each fabric was given a catchy name. Recipients of the card now have a better idea of Alexandra Leigh's talents. What once was a card that still required explanation is now a professional look that not only explains but entices.

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