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Before and After :: TNT Boutique - Logo

Tina Cain is a vibrant businesswoman, one who relishes distinction and uniqueness in her brand identity. When she called to discuss the expansion of her business and marketing program, I suggested we sit down to discuss her ideas for her business. I could then make suggestions and guide her towards the print media most suitable for her brand identity.

When she showed her current logo to me, I knew it didn’t reflect her professionalism nor did it mirror the upscale view of her business.

Tina’s original logo had too many elements and they conflicted with each other. A good logo can be reproduced at small as well as large sizes. At small sizes, the original logo was confusing and the elements were hard to decipher.


Scaling way back on the design elements, I created a much simpler logo which expresses elegance. I then suggested a red prism foil process on a black business card (even dotting the “I” in “boutique” with the same prism foil). Her new business cards are printed on double-thick, 32pt Silk stock with the prism foil and red color edges. The “TNT” in her company name is impactful, elegant and professional and elevates her business brand identity. It’s truly a reflection of who she is and what she has to offer.


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