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Before and After :: Jennifer Rhoads Business Cards


Jennifer Rhoads is a professional organizer who, in addition to organizing, also stages homes and offers unpacking services. She brings serenity and peace to her clients' lives and spaces.

Jennifer's original business card was square-shaped and simple. Her logo was something she put together years ago so she would have an identifier on her cards. Through the years, she felt she had outgrown her original logo and business cards. 

One of the issues with square business cards is that they are hard for clients and prospects to store. They stand taller than traditional business cards and often get discarded because they are don't fit into traditional business card holders or storage devices. While they are sometimes chosen because they are different than traditional rectangular cards, that is also their drawback.

The first thing we did in the redesign process is to create a new logo. Staying with the theme of serenity, we created our own lotus flower and selected a simple typestyle to echo the feel of the lotus. For the word "Organized", we added vertical lines between the letters showing that everything is in its place, just like what Jennifer does for her clients. A vertical line is also used to separate Jennifer's contact information from her services. Neither the front nor back of the card is overcrowded which would be the opposite of the feel needed for her business.

We chose a double-thick, 32 pt Silk paper stock and added teal foil to the lotus flower and the word "Organized". We also upscaled the look by adding the same teal foil for the card edges. See the full look of the card with edges shown in the Page by Page Gallery here:

In a competitive industry, having a business card that not only reflects the individual but is a memorable statement, goes a long way to assuring recognition, professionalism, and identity. These business cards show that Jennifer is serious about her business and treats her clients with the same care she takes in creating her marketing.

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